Big Sean is one of the greatest artist of my generation and personally my favorite artist at the moment. His words and metaphors are persistent and tell stories through his come up of career. His pattern of flow, tone and key change give you a feel of comfort and excitement wondering what will be said next. Sean has released some of the best music people listen to on the radio all the time such as I don’t F**K With You ft E-40, Play No Games ft Chris Brown and my personal favorite Beware where he states the metaphor “You kept your phone on silent every since you got a ring”. You think for awhile then realize oh phones ring so you’re comparing her getting married and leaving other guys alone to her not answering his calls anymore by saying silent every since it rang. His latest works I Decided and Double or Nothing shows off his skill set and diversity of music making. In the song So Good ft Kash Doll Sean lyrics states “ Got a long ****, that shit barely fit Like OJ glove, You must acquit “. The metaphoric reference comparing sex and his man tool to OJ where he couldn’t fit the glove that was used as evidence to the case was realistically genius like who thinks of that. Considering most can’t even think of what to even say in music. Most talk about drugs, money and, girls not saying that’s not good but at the same time what is hip hop without a moral. What’s the purpose? Turning up could be it but why just influence drunk abuse and war. Why not tell a story about you. People could give a damn about where you’re from but for people coming out of bad areas you have to prove yourself to make yourself heard.